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The choice between Wi-Fi, GSM (or cellular networks), and Zigbee depends on the specific requirements of your application. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, and the decision should be based on factors such as range, power consumption, data rate, scalability, mobility, and cost. Here's a general comparison of Wi-Fi, GSM, and Zigbee: Wi-Fi: Range: Wi-Fi typically offers a relatively short-range coverage, suitable for local area network (LAN) deployments within... Read more [...]

With the combination of Edge computing, the Internet of Things, computer vision and data analytics, manufacturers are poised to transform their operations with real-time insights. To compete effectively, manufacturers need real-time insights into their operations from data that is generated across the production environment. This is one of the keys to reducing downtime, improving product quality, increasing factory output and meeting other business-driven goals. To achieve... Read more [...]

IoT is a modern technology that is the new talk in the town, and its currency is rising from domestic to commercial applications. IoT technology makes your dumb devices smarter by providing them with the ability to send data over the internet. It allows the devices to interact with people and other IoT-enabled things in these ways: 1. Track and trace your products and assets seamlessly. 2. IoT innovation makes it possible to improve the speed and accuracy of your processes, monitor... Read more [...]

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