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The snake-shaped on-board antenna is one of the most widely used types of antennas for wireless communication modules. It is used in fields such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and ZigBee, which have low performance requirements but high space requirements. When designing the onboard serpentine antenna, grasp the basic principle, and then meet the design requirements according to the actual clearance of the clearance area provided by the board, combined with the surrounding environment of the antenna... Communication Module Onboard Antenna Design Method [...]

Hello All, I am working on facial recognition project and looking for source code of this project. I have checked on GitHub but can't find the source code. Let me tell you about the project, The Facial Recognition Bot project is the coolest project which involves creating an AI bot geared with facial recognition capabilities. This system can recognize different faces of the people and voices to identify unique voices. Also, other features of the system can be personal identification, face... Facial Recognition Bot Project Using IoT [...]

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