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Hello guys. I need some advice regarding a little project. Basically I want to monitoring in real time the quantity o products from a shelf and when the qty is low to send a notification to a web app or eventually calling an api endpoint. My problem is I don’t know what hardware to use. If nicla vision is good for this kind of project or going to raspberry pi. [...]

For some large and medium-sized wireless coverage projects, unreasonable channel planning and co-channel interference are involved, which will cause problems such as network delay and network instability. Channel selection is very important. Appropriate channel planning can reduce network interference. and unstable Wireless network signals are transmitted in the air by electromagnetic waves, using two frequency bands of 2.4G and 5G. For example, the frequency range of 2.4G is... How to set the channel with the fastest network speed [...]

As you know, a serial server is a data communication device that is converted into a TPC / IP network interface through a serial port. So what is TCP / IP? While at first glance TCP / IP communication (and collecting data from TCP / IP devices) may seem daunting, it is actually a very simple communication tool. What is TCP/IP and where does it come from? TCP/IP stands for "Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol". It is basically a network protocol that defines the details of... How TCP/IP Protocol Works on Serial Server? [...]

You may be curious about what the Industrial Internet of Things is and how it works. Generally speaking, the Industrial Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected objects and computing devices. Everything can be connected to the network to exchange collected data. It's easy to connect multiple devices to an IP network and set up routine data analysis. This allows real-time data to be easily shared with other users involved in industrial processes. It can also help manufacturers reduce... How does the Industrial Internet of Things work? [...]

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