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Realtek RTL8722DM Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE IoT development board

Realtek's RTL8722DM development board has recently added support for the Arduino IDE. It is an IoT-ready MCU powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 core at up to 200MHz coupled with a Cortex-M0 core at up to 20MHz. It is specially designed to be pin-compatible with the Arduino UNO, can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and supports most of the Arduino base examples and expansion boards. In addition to the standard MCU... Realtek RTL8722DM Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE IoT development board [...]

Electronic designers can leverage worldwide “maker” trend and use off-the-shelf easy-use platforms like Raspberry Pi for evaluation purposes - at least as a starting point before you select a suitable component and eva board, tools, etc. In particular, you can enable I2C bus and perform simple transactions in short term - even without any prior RasPi experience. If you are interested in my experience, see attached PDF for further info. Take care, Kersten [...]

I am trying to connect some external sensors, such as a spectrometer and an acoustic sensor, to a crossbow telosb. Can you tell me how to proceed? Which Pins should I connect the sensors to? Should I use a breadboard ? should i use transistors? In short, I would like some help how to proceed because I am a computer scientist and not an electronic one. [...]

I have several sensors reporting data through a cellular router to Soracom. I would like to have a website that a client can log into their client portal and visually see the sensor data. I would also like to have the ability for the customer to create a report based on a selected date range that would create a pdf report of the data collected over that time period. The pdf report would be a template that pulls data from a database or wherever the data is stored. Here is my issue - I don't... How-To?: Sensor data reporting to… [...]

Recently, I have just finished an application project development for an embedded system(an IoT project). The project is building CMD line(CLI) tools for multiple OS, Windows10, Linux, and macOS. I just want to share with you guys my experience with the 3 platforms. BTW, the RTL8722DM dev from the following link is what my project is used for. Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! 3 Basically... Multiple OS project development experience share [...]

Display Images on E-Paper RTL8722 In this example, use the Ameba RTL8722 module connects to a Waveshare 2.9inch e-Paper module to display a few QR codes. The display uses the flexible substrate as a base plate, with an interface and a reference system design. Firstly, you need to prepare a picture/photo in the format of 296×128 pixels. It is easy to find a photo resizing tool online and download the generated image in JPG format. Then link all hardware and upload code into the hardware... E-ink paper screen on RTL8722 Arduino [...]

I create an IoT project and save sensor data in a database on Raspberry Pi. How to access them from an android application written in kotlin? [...]

Hi, Now i'm working on a IoT project that required to detect number of wild birds go through a window. Currently, i'm thinking about two possible ways to overcome this problem: Video Camera pair with machine learning for the identification of birds Using Laser beam to detect bird pass through the window I have some concerns with the birds overlapping and the bird flying speed which might give incorrect detection. I would like to ask all of you who are experienced in... Multi Birds detection [...]

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