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Realtek RTL8722DM Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE IoT development board

Realtek's RTL8722DM development board has recently added support for the Arduino IDE. It is an IoT-ready MCU powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 core at up to 200MHz coupled with a Cortex-M0 core at up to 20MHz. It is specially designed to be pin-compatible with the Arduino UNO, can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and supports most of the Arduino base examples and expansion boards. In addition to the standard MCU... Realtek RTL8722DM Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE IoT development board [...]

Hello Everyone! My name is Shivan Lingam I work with a company called CellFree Wireless. We manufacture and sell a WIFI to NB-IoT cellular gateway with FREE data for up to 10 years. The reason for developing this CFW-1000 cellular gateway is because we are from the Real Estate Technology realm where we have found that one of the biggest issues when it comes to connecting various IoT and IIoT devices is internet connectivity. The CFW-1000 is applicable in various industries from... WIFI to NB-IoT Cellular Gateway with Free data for up to 10 years ( Would appreciate any feedback!) [...]

Vivnt panel reuse?

I just move onto my home and there was a vivint system installed. We don't plan on using it but I don't want to waste it. So... Based off the pictures Should I try to re-purpose this? If so what would be the best way to try and communicate with? Like to flash or modify. I'm thinking of using home assistance. I don't think I need the telit module? What software would be the best to use to maybe modify the code, depending on the code used. [ATTACH... Vivnt panel reuse? [...]

Hello friends i am Alex. I am from United State what about you ? [...]

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