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For a voltage amplifier, it is required to increase the voltage amplitude of the output signal as much as possible without distortion, but its output power is not necessarily large. Please, Log in or As for the power amplifier circuit, due to the different functional requirements, its working characteristics and technical requirements are different from those of the voltage amplifier. Specifically: 1. Output enough... The main characteristics and technical requirements of the power amplifier circuit [...]

How Communities Are Using IoT to Better Respond to Emergencies

IoT plays a role in contingency planning in several ways, such as measuring threats that are often difficult to monitor, alerting authorities at critical stages, and sharing relevant data to reduce risk in other areas. This year's global turmoil and natural disasters like the recent tornado in Kentucky, USA remind us that wars, natural disasters, and other emergencies are very real. According to recent studies, natural disasters have increased tenfold globally... How Communities Are Using IoT to Better Respond to Emergencies [...]

Many people can't tell the difference between LoRaWAN wireless module and LoRa gateway wireless transmission technology, and what is their application in the field of Internet of Things. LoRaWAN refers to the networking protocol of the MAC layer, while LoRa is a physical layer protocol. Although the existing LoRaWAN networking basically uses LoRa as the physical layer, the LoRaWAN protocol also lists that GFSK can also be used as the physical layer in certain frequency bands. From the... The difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN gateway module [...]

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