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Hello guys, this is my first post in this forum, please I would like to know if there is someone working on IoT and Blockchain projects, cause really I need your help, I want to know please how to begin working on a IoT- Blockchain proejcts. Thanks in advance [...]

TheE28-2G4M12S module of Chengdu Yiyite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is basedon the wireless module developed by Semtech SX1280. The chip contains variousphysical layers and various modulation methods such as LORA, FLRC and GFSK. Thespecial modulation and processing method makes the transmission distance ofLORA and FLRC modulation greatly increased; it is a high-performance IoTwireless transceiver and is compatible with the Bluetooth protocol. Outstandinglow-power performance, on-chip... SX1280 quick operation method [...]

One: the definition of capacitance The so-called capacitor is actually two conductors that are close to each other, with a non-conductive insulating medium sandwiched between them, forming a capacitor. A capacitor stores charge when a voltage is applied between its two plates. Two: MLCC ceramic capacitor physical structure MLCC (Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors) is the English abbreviation of Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors. It is composed of ceramic dielectric diaphragms with printed... Take you to know MLCC capacitors: it is indispensable for electronic manufacturing! [...]

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