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1. How to use Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! to make the communication distance longer? In previous timings, radio transmit power played a crucial role in increasing the range of BLE products. With the introduction of Bluetooth modules based on Nordic solutions, users are able to obtain better communication protocols. The module supports BLE 4.2/5 protocol. Bluetooth version 5 provides long-range mode. The design of this long-range wireless module... Long Range: Over 1Km distance via BLE [...]

Hi guys i have been mentioned my idea in a previous post but my lack of knowledge about MQTT and networking made me asking really abstract things without a structured plan in my head. I think i have an incomplete project structure in my head right know but i need your help and knowledge to complete it. First of all i draw a quick scheme of what i want to accomplish. It will be a raspberry pi broker connected to 2 esp8266 clients, all in my local network. Now i want to be able to connect... A little help with… [...]

First of all, what is DTU: Data Transfer Unit, data transfer unit. DTU itself belongs to a kind of middleware, which is responsible for wireless/wired information transmission. It is divided into WIFI type/4G type/Ethernet type. They use different communication methods for information exchange. It lies in the interaction between the server and the point, but for many equipment companies, they may not be good at information interaction, and DTU is the solution to this situation. Equipment... Is our life inseparable from DTU and network IO? [...]

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