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The following link is my recent work for IR remoting using RTL8722DM (Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! ). I can share more steps if anyone interest. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=3789922074422770 [...]

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Hi everyone, Is anyone interested in integrating with an indoor maps solution that can track your IoT device? If so, please message me. Thanks [...]

IoT offers rich possibilities to the modern enterprise, but it’s important CTOs think through these key considerations before diving in The Internet of Things (IoT) may still be in its relative infancy, but it’s gradually building apace – as more enterprises begin to uncover the power it possesses when looking to harness data. From manufacturing to healthcare, or logistics to financial services, more industries are becoming aware of its critical capability to process and convert... Is your organization IoT ready? [...]

With the combination of Edge computing, the Internet of Things, computer vision and data analytics, manufacturers are poised to transform their operations with real-time insights. To compete effectively, manufacturers need real-time insights into their operations from data that is generated across the production environment. This is one of the keys to reducing downtime, improving product quality, increasing factory output and meeting other business-driven goals. To... Transforming Manufacturing with Edge and IoT Solutions [...]

Share Internet of Things infographics, posters and visualizations

Share your favorite internet of things/IoT infographics, posters and visualizations here are some of mine [...]

Well, for the IoT development board. It is the smaller the better and the more stable WiFi the better. I believe that RTL8720DN is a strong board. It is getting popular in the makers' community. And recently, the official team has just added this into the Arduino SDK support. Let's see and try. One more thing it is not expensive. It is not expensive... RTL8720DN small board with WiFi [...]

I am working on smart farming and generic iot system, my project will include in the short rage : 2-3 sensors, arduino microcontroller. in the long range will include : one MCU master contollering 10 gateways(MCUs) and every gateway will be conneted to 7-10 sensors. I want to view data for at least year or two (Data Retention) for example I want to see how the temprature and humidity change on graph or table for like 2 years and do my own analyize. I don't have any experience on... Click to expand... Google cloud iot core - Questions [...]

MicroPython for IoT?

MicroPython is a platform if you are sick of traditional embedded system development. Let us play together. RTL8722DM MicroPython SDK. MicroPython SDK is the first time Ameba combined python and c language to make up an SDK. Also, the runtime debug is supported. Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content! [...]

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